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The Daily Telegraph - 26 August 2017


Diana remembered


'Looking back on the countless Royal family members we've endured in this country, it is easy to pick out their strengths and weaknesses. Best hair? Charles II, without a doubt. Worst hypothetical Tinder date? Probably Henry VIII, or maybe Prince Andrew. Quickest to sink a pint? Easy: Princess Margaret. But when it comes to the real nuts and bolts of being a royal – the meeting and greeting, the looking the part and the lighting up of rooms – nobody has come close to Diana, Princess of Wales. Rarely did it matter who was on the other end of her greeting, either; anyone and everyone queued up to be introduced. "I knew what my job was," she once said, "it was to go out and meet the people and love them." And boy, did they love her back.' Guy Kelly


'Bonded by their shared passion for humanitarian work, victimisation by the media and proclivity for marrying powerful men with loose flies, Diana and Hillary Clinton, seen here at a British Embassy luncheon in 1994, were natural friends.'

'At a British Embassy dinner in Washington in 1985, the Prince and Princess of Wales met President George HW Bush and the First Lady, Barbara Bush. The couples actually had more in common than you’d think; namely, primogeniture. Getty Images'


'Like so many before her, the Princess fell prey to the charms of Henry Kissinger at a Christie’s gala in 1997. Here they are enjoying a laugh about his Nobel Peace Prize.Tim Graham/Getty Images'

'In 1985, Charles and Diana met Ronald and Nancy Reagan at the White House. For one couple, that year was the end of the Cold War. For the other, the era of hostility, propaganda and passive aggression was only just beginning. Bettmann Archive'


'Probably believing "The Thin White Duke" merely referred to one of her husband’s relatives at this point, Diana was joined 
by the other, David Bowie, at Live Aid in 1985. Silverhub/REX/Shutterstock'


'During his tour in 1988, the People’s Princess met the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. It was a halcyon period, and one both would come to refer to as their ‘pre-Bashir’ years. Gill Allen/REX/Shutterstock'

'She appeared to get on famously with Robbie Williams – of course, this is before both of them realised that they could be more successful by going solo. Getty Images'

 'At the White House in 1985, a 24-year-old Diana appeared to be passed around between an array 
of Hollywood actors like 
an old bottle of port. Here she is desperately trying 
to avoid looking Tom Selleck in the moustache. Alamy Stock Photo'


'Next up, Clint Eastwood, who seemed to offend her somewhat. Perhaps he 
 asked her if she was feeling lucky, punk. The answer would likely have been, 
"Nah, not really." Alamy Stock Photo'

'Lastly, the best dancer of the lot, John Travolta, took to the floor with her. Diana hadn’t been that close to an original star of Grease since she last saw her father-in-law. Alamy Stock Photo'