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Cartoons to be fostered

Blower - The Daily Telegraph, 14 September 2017

Cartoons are able to tell a story or share an opinion no one can catch in words. Articles in newspapers and professional journals are doomed to be forgotten, but most people remember after years and years a world which is drawn by cartoon artists. The most powerful pictures, spread by the social media, are often cartoons. 

In this section Irène Diependaal wants to share a few cartoons. The copyright belongs to the artists. The original platform is therefore recalled.


Brookes - The Times , 16 June 2018

Morland - The Times, 26 November 2018

Morland - The Times, 27 November 2018

Matt - The Daily Telegraph, 28 November 2018


Ben Jennings - The Guardian, 10 December 2018